Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork
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Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork

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"After searching the internet for appropriate software to automate our school office, we found School Office, Rectoria.  As a small school with a limited budget, we decided School Office, Rectoria would perfectly meet our needs.  It has all the components we require, allowing us to track tuition, fees and attendance in one place, without being too large or cumbersome to be handled by our secretary.  The price fits into our budget, while other software with modules we don't need and wouldn't use, was priced out of our range."
  Linda Padilla, St. Francis School
  Gallup, New Mexico, USA
"We have been using School Office, Rectoria for several years and the program has streamlined all our bookkeeping and tuition payment process.  Our teachers have utilized the program for grading and record keeping.  We are also extremely pleased with the level of service we have been provided."
  Rebecca Gleasman, Principal
  St. Pius V School, Houston, Texas, USA

"The Faith Formation software that we are using has increased our productivity and made tracking the 500 students we have enrolled in our programs very easy.  The dozens of spreadsheets we once relied on for record keeping are gone along with all the wasted time it took to create them every year.  Also, since each of our programs is run differently, customizing the software to meet our specific needs has been invaluable; and you have made every effort to quickly help us with any changes we requested."

  Dave Regitz, Youth Minister
  Prince of Peace Catholic Community, Houston, Texas, USA
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