Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork
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Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork
School Office Rectoria
                                                       with optional online DAILY GRADEBOOK for parents and teachers internet access.

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Key Benefits Administrative Features
Organized record keeping for faculty/staff
Fast retrieval of information
Powerful, integrated modules
Unlimited number of records
Predefined lists and curricula
Dozens of form letters and reports
Easy grade entry by faculty
Automatic calculation of family charges
User-friendly operation with built-in key reminders
Accurate Administrative Reporting
Ability to compose custom letters in MS Word and merge with student groups
Simple navigation to subprograms of Students, Instructors, Family Tuition, and Student Life.
Form letters for application, registration, returning students, required documents, conditional admission, school recommendations, special needs, etc.
Folder labels and mailing labels for student records and family notices.
Bilingual (English/Spanish) letters to parents improves communication and understanding.


Free Initial Customization.  Any of the titles or labels on the screenshots below

may be changed to fit your institution's terminology.  See SUPPORT.

Feature - Students

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Easy data entry with drop down lists for categorical fields.
Convenient recall of all student academic, medical and emergency information.
One-time entry of parent/guardian information usable year after year.
Print-out of monthly birthdays by class.
Printed withdrawal reports containing current academic record.
Sacramental records including baptism, first penance, first communion, and confirmation.
Specialized mailing labels directed to person student lives with.
Class reports of persons authorized to pick up each student.
Feature - Tuition And Fees

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Single convenient family screen and entry system for tuition and fees for application, registration, late payments, returned checks, etc.
Customized tuition and fee table permits automatic calculation of total family charges.
Printed receipts of payment and fee statements with detailed charges, payments, and balances.
Special calculated financial reports to assist school administration.
Feature - Student Records

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Automatic calculation of midterm and final grades.
Midterm progress and final report cards in alpha or numeric grades.
Report cards containing academic grading, conduct evaluation, and improvement areas and summarizing total absences and tardies.
Password protection of grading records and family finances.
Up-to-date recording of absences, tardies, conduct infractions, and accidents.
Field trip planning and customized permission letters to parents.
Records of immunizations compared to requirements.
Accident and conduct reporting with notices to parents.
Feature - Instructors and Classes

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Standard sets of classes for each grade level, which can be user modified.
Recommended preschool curriculum of age appropriate developmental areas.
Ability to enter special subjects and multiple sections of classes
Instructor records for professional growth, certification, and inservices
School Office Rectoria
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