Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork
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Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork
Social Ministries
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Key Benefits Administrative Features
Organized record keeping for clients, staff and volunteers
Coordinated, fast retrieval of information
Powerful, integrated modules for multiple social ministries
Unlimited number of records
Historical profiles of all client interactions
Simplified and easy to learn system of data entry and retrieval
User-friendly operation with built-in key reminders
Accurate administrative summaries of ministry activities
Improved staff and volunteer morale
Freed up time and money resources
Instant access to client histories in your social ministry system
Less paperwork for staff with centralized record-keeping
Better communication with clients and volunteers
No lost records
Faster responses to inquiries
Dozens of reports detailing client status, counts of actions and summaries of client data.
At-a-glance phone and address information for all clients and ministers.
Mailing labels for groups of clients, ministers, and advocacy organizations.
Capability of printing badges for groups attending meetings.
Feature - Client Intake

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Easy intake data entry of clients using drop down lists for category selection.
Direct service intake model defines client needs in Presenting Problem and Root Problem with room detailed elaboration.
Income and Employment status screens detail agency and special client assistance.
Separate intake screens for each ministry integrated into a common database.
Specialized intake screens for ministries such as the Gabriel Project.
Easy retrieval of family household members and their relationships.
Feature - Client Tracking

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Tracking of direct client assistance in financial, monthly food, food pantry, rent, and utilities categories.
Employment ministry classification system for following clients in their search for employment.
Special tracking for holiday assistance programs.
Printable family finance budget assists in financial counseling and accountability.
Complete set of client action categories for referral to agency, counseling, medical, and employment services.
Complete tracking of clients receiving direct services, employment assistance, and project ministries.
Feature - Client History

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Single screen for interview actions and case notes is reviewable for entire client history.
Unlimited space for case notes from each client interview contact.
Special screen for viewing the most recent interview and status of all clients in the system.
Time-dated accountability system records client agreements for performing assigned tasks in specified periods.
Networking capability allows instantaneous access to client data from any ministry.
Feature - Ministers

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Records for social ministers and volunteers showing their skills, education, and professional development.
Special section for persons involved Advocacy, tracking interests of businesses and organizations.
Social Ministries
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