Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork
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Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork
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HACS specializes in developing software solutions for churches and schools using Alpha Five Software. Our three flagship applications (School Office/Rectoria, Faith Formation, and Social Ministries) were created working hand-in-hand with clients and observing their actual work practices and systems. Each one can be customized further for specialized database membership, tracking, and payment applications in stand-alone or networked environments. Commissioning for new product development is also available.

The goals in product development have always been (1) simple and quick learning curves, (2) economy and ease of use, and (3) accurate calculations and record-keeping. Product pricing is pegged at maximizing the use of scarce institutional resources. Our products rely on extensive, hands-on administrative participation in church and elementary school environments. We provide outstanding value and top quality in management software addressing the needs of churches and schools.

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