Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork
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Software solutions for churches and schools… minimizing work and paperwork

Free Initial Data Setup.  Custom modification to your specifications is provided free of charge before the CD product is shipped.  Any of the titles or labels seen on any screen may be changed to fit your terminology.  Also, in the School Office and Faith Formation programs you may specify your institutional information, class or program titles (curriculum), names of standard fees, and tuition and fee amounts (fee structure).  You can also modify any of these at a later date.

Free telephone support for short-duration calls originating at the owner. Calls lasting 30 minutes or more are charged at an hourly rate. Fast email support is also provided free of charge. Assistance with setup of a new installation is free of charge for two weeks beginning with the date of the first call.

There are No Annual Maintenance Fees for any of the products.  Future upgrades will be available at a modest cost.

Customized modification to an existing HACS product is available (one hour minimum charge). Minor modifications (titles, content of existing tables or reports) usually take about one hour; a completely new report takes from 3 to 4 hours. Major changes or additions can also be made on a project basis. When requesting an estimate, please specify your needs in detail by letter, fax, or email.

Commissioning of new projects using Alpha Five Version Five software is also available. Please call for details.

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